SUV Wash Review at LazrTek Shreveport

SUV Wash at LazrTek Shreveport

Chad Erie, the owner of LazrTek Shreveport, demonstrated a quick SUV wash for Chevrolet Tahoe with a LazrTek washing machine.

SUV Wash Result from LazrTek Washing Machine

The result was satisfactory. He got his Chevy Tahoe cleaned from dirt and mud in less than 3 minutes. At the end of the video, the SUV looks shiny and clean all around the car: front, back, windows, and tires.

We use this same machine for our truck wash. In 6-8 minutes with us, you will get your truck/tractor/trailer clean and shiny at competitive rates.

Contact LazrTek Shreveport for a complimentary demonstration wash or a quote to wash your truck or fleet. Call Chad 318-347-2188, visit our website, or Book an appointment on Facebook.


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